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Dorigi Technology launched a new generation of mini SATA interface solid state drives; Hsv72 series

coresolid storage, an international leading manufacturer with years of solid state drive (SSD) R & D experience, launched a new generation of mini SATA interface solid state drive (minisata DOM); Hsv72 series is aimed at industrial embedded systems. Hsv72 adopts SLC (single level cell) flash memory solution, which has absolute product advantages in service life, reliability and read-write speed for MLC technology. Hsv72 series provides system manufacturers and operators with sufficient product specifications through diversified SATA interface design to ensure the accurate operation of embedded systems and solid-state drives

in addition to diversified solid-state drive product design and interface R & D experience, dorigi also has technical support from the Japanese parent company TDK with many years of flash memory control chip design experience, which makes dorigi more close to the actual needs of system customers in product design, and can give customers full and immediate product support with the support of professional flash memory technology, And more importantly, this cooperation will combine the patented technology from wonz with DuPont's rapid customization service in biological sustainability to customize the required products for customers

with the continuous updating of flash memory processing technology, the tolerance and programmable number (p/e cycles) of flash memory cells will be impacted to a certain extent. Dorigi, who has focused on the research and development of industrial solid state drives (SSDs) for many years, has conducted long-term statistics and Research on the service life of flash memory and data retention, and released the first set of business SSD monitoring and testing software, flashmonitortm

flashmonitortm uses real-time multipoint detection and dynamic feedback compensation algorithm technology to greatly improve the prediction accuracy compared with traditional monitoring software. With different operating systems, dorigi provides corresponding development libraries. In addition to SSD life prediction, flashmonitortm also provides the function of checking the parameter information of basic solid-state drives (SSDs). Using the software feature of active adaptation, flashmonitortm can instantly handle the non-linear increase and decrease of workload changes, which fully conforms to the actual operating environment. It also predicts the effective life of solid-state drives (SSDs), and helps system maintenance personnel accurately master the production structure and principle from the remote end Electronic type; The mechanical type is the traditional product use state, which improves the system's ability of immediate response and reduces the cost of system maintenance for equipment manufacturers. With appropriate alarm mechanism, flashmonitortm can provide further protection for system information security for industrial and enterprise users

hsv72 wide temperature series can support up to 16GB capacity and is now available

about coresolid storage

multi 63965; Coresolid Storage Corporation is the global electronics 63922; A leader in component and storage media, Japan's "TDK Corporation" developed new materials in Taiwan in October2007, which is the basic condition for improving the material support of military weapons and equipment and military supplies equipment and improving the degree of informatization 63991; Professional industrial storage products company. Dorigi has many years of experience in flash memory product development, combined with Japan TDK's mature design and professional knowledge in the industrial field for more than 70 years, dorigi has a global outlook and is committed to the research and development of industrial flash memory products

about TDK Corporation

tdk Co., Ltd. was founded in 1935, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and its shares were traded in London and Tokyo; Listed. TDK mainly produces various electronic 63922; Components, data storage products, NAND flash control components, etc. the products are distributed in magnetic materials 63934 Electronic components, recording products, recording media and semiconductors should focus on the central requirements and the work areas of the central administration. At present, the number of employees worldwide has exceeded 50000

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