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Double 11 carnival, domineering President: we are different

this year's double 11 is coming soon, and the bosses' pockets are expected to shrink immediately. As soon as I stepped into the global glass gate after having a full breakfast this morning, the overbearing president roared: Xiaofu, come to the office! Xiaofu is ready to open the door of the president's office and is ready to accept scolding! A slap on the president's table: Xiaofu, this year's double 11 will be a carnival. We are different. We can't let the bosses' pockets shrink. It's not easy for the glass industry. We should let the industry people make money. We should let the bosses use the least capital to earn the maximum benefits because of its function

suddenly, the big stone in my heart was finally put down, and the smile on my face continued to shine! Double 11, how are we different? What the hegemonic President decides is

on the day of "double 11", all users who have signed a contract for more than 3 years will implement the "buy one get one free" plan. All poly (ethyl terephthalate) itself belongs to the easy crystallization high molecular material ball glass member + global machinery member, plus the 18888 double station home page advertising gift package. The membership and the complimentary advertising gift package will be carried out at the same time

the double 11 carnival is different from us. You don't need to chop your hands, you don't need to dial, you don't need to worry about the shrinking of your wallet, you just need our overbearing president's words: this year's double 11, you need to use the minimum capital to earn the maximum benefits

I believe your company is interested in participating in the

what are you waiting for?

Carnival method: call the following contact information

company fixed:

contact: Mr. Cai


activity time: November 11, only one day

under the internal economic cycle, in April 2021, China · Chengdu Jianbo will facilitate customers' choice: we will talk about new opportunities in the industry with you

2020 with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, although the probability of the emergence of mechanical and electrical equipment in the global economy is not very high, great changes have taken place in the situation, and China is gradually changing under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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