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"Double 11" packaging boxes can circle the earth seven and a half times in a row

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core tips: "double 11" and "double 12", plus the hoarding of new year goods before the previous year, behind the crazy purchase of "buy buy buy", the number of abandoned express boxes has soared. For three consecutive days, the visit found that a huge amount of express waste generated a lot of waste, which is regrettable

[China Packaging News] "double 11" and "double 12", plus the hoarding of new year goods before the previous year, behind the crazy "buy buy buy" shopping, the number of abandoned express cartons has soared. For three consecutive days, the visit found that a huge amount of express waste generated a lot of waste on August 8, which is regrettable

The day before yesterday, Miss Yang's "double 12" chopped "booty at the Expo Park in Hankou Baibuting had arrived one after another. She said:" 16 (parcels) have been received, and there are still 3 on the way. There are so many packaging boxes at home that they can't be stored at all. They can't be sold for money. Just throw them in the dustbin. " After she got the express, the carton was thrown away, "too much is a burden"

at about 10:00 a.m., I saw several express boxes stacked beside the garbage cans at the entrance of several units in the World Expo Park community of Baibuting. Some of the boxes also had basic information about buyers. After a while, an old woman took away the waste packaging boxes

at 2:00 p.m., I visited Shengcheng Heyuan community, Houhu, Hankou. A cleaner told me that there were many waste packaging boxes in the garbage cans in the community. Many of the packaging boxes also contained broken foam fillers, which flew everywhere. Sometimes just after cleaning up, it is piled up again in a twinkling of an eye. Some residents left their cartons in the corridor, blocking the escape route and hiding the fire hazard

on the other hand, I saw a lot of sundries stacked on the wall in the underground garage of a community on Yuanyuan road. In front of the evacuation indicator sign on the wall, there were a pile of bundled cartons. In front of the fire hydrant box, there were more than half a person in a bag of waste products. In the cleaning room, there are many electric vehicles charging. On a door panel beside the wall, there are also packed waste cartons, many of which are attached with express bills

community staff also lamented: "many cartons are almost brand-new. It's a pity that they are recycled as waste after only one use!"

couriers "have to" pack multiple packages

faced with the pressure on the environment caused by express packaging materials and garbage, many couriers who carry out packaging frankly say that there is no way

master he, a courier, told "double 11" that he had to deliver more than 200 express pieces a day. If there was a user complaint because the packaging was not tight, he would make compensation. "The money you earn from morning till night may not be enough to pay a fine."

"when shopping on the (e-commerce) platform, there is package mail. The buyer requires no damage, light packaging and green recycling packaging. The seller also asks us to pack more when shipping." He also said that in order to package the products and improve repeat customers, some food, clothing and daily necessities are also wrapped in several layers, and paper boxes are also added, which is excessive packaging

the 2016 China Express development index report shows that in 2016, China's express business volume exceeded 31.2 billion for the first time, equivalent to nearly 23 Express items per capita per year. Tapes, cartons, plastic bags, package bubbles... Before seeing the "baby", the seemingly intimate protection tools in the express package virtually increased the amount of express waste. As for the adhesive tape alone, it is calculated by the industry that if one meter of adhesive tape is used for each parcel box, the adhesive tape used by the express industry can circle the earth 230 times each year. During the "double 11" this year, there were about 1.5 billion express boxes. If the average length of each package was 20cm, the length of these boxes would exceed 300000 kilometers, enough to circle the earth seven and a half times

sellers are "reluctant" to pack in boxes

over the past year, the price of corrugated base paper has soared by almost 60% or 70%. As a result, the cost of some types of packaging cartons rose sharply, which had a great impact on Taobao sellers. At the beginning of October, two express giants, Zhongtong and Yunda, announced price increases one after another, and some express companies charged extra for express packaging boxes. The rise in the price of raw materials such as express cartons and corrugated paper is one of the three reasons for the rise

for brands selling goods through e-commerce channels, in addition to the manufacturing cost of the product itself, the paper packaging boxes outside the product and the corrugated boxes used for express delivery also belong to the necessary cost of product sales. With the rising price of base paper, the above costs also put some enterprises under pressure to put their shaking hands slightly on the support of the experimental machine

the relevant person in charge of liangpin store said that according to the data in 2016, the rainbow boxes used by the company accounted for 15% of the company's total procurement, and the rise in the price of base paper had an impact on the enterprise's operation. Looking at the overall situation of the industry, recently, the cost of base paper has increased by 60%, and the cost of rainbow box, where adding various "vitamins" to metal materials is an effective way to enhance metal fatigue resistance, has increased by 41.3%

the above people further said that in October last year and July this year, the cost of base paper experienced two significant increases, reaching 20% and 15% respectively. According to the statistical data of liangpin store, in 2016, the actual use of the nine rainbow boxes of the enterprise was nearly 15million, and the purchase cost was nearly 30million yuan. In response to the rising price of base paper, the structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages. The store has extended the order cycle with rainbow box suppliers

the rise in carton prices also makes it difficult for some brands with limited volume to cope. A shopkeeper who sells Hand-made Soap said: "both the packaging paper of hand-made soap and the corrugated boxes used for express delivery have been rising wildly recently. Last month, the paper handbag of hand-made soap was still 1 yuan. At the beginning of this month, it has risen to 1.5 yuan. The single price of corrugated boxes of the same specification has increased by about 60%."

"I am a wechat dealer selling toothpaste. I often receive and send express. I don't know where the cartons are when I receive the express. I can't find the cartons when I send the express." Ms. Wang said that the toothpaste cost little money, plus the carton packaging and express delivery fees. Sometimes she simply delivered the toothpaste by herself. It would be great if recycled express boxes were used repeatedly. She also suggested that the opening of express carton recycling points in the community can facilitate residents to dispose of cartons nearby, and can also turn waste into treasure and recycle packaging cartons

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