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Double star group, together with Bank of Qingdao and Haier CAOS, explored a new model of tire "rent for sale" to help Qingdao build an industrial interconnected city

double star group, together with Bank of Qingdao and Haier CAOS, explored a new model of tire "rent for sale" to help Qingdao build an industrial interconnected City

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Century Ruifeng jointly held the launching ceremony of strategic cooperation to help build the world's industrial interconnection capital by "taking advantage of the wind industrial interconnection and win-win future opportunities". At the launching ceremony, Shuangxing group, Bank of Qingdao and Haier CAOS jointly signed the strategic cooperation agreement on "Qingyin cloud lease" industrial Internet tire leasing business of Bank of Qingdao CAOS Shuangxing group to explore a new model of tire "rent for sale" and promote the tire industry from the traditional sales model to the "rent for sale" model. The University of Michigan will become a major partner of academic cooperation. Prior to this, double star has cooperated with Bank of Qingdao to implement the first tire leasing business financing project based on the Kaos platform in China

Shuangxing group is a 99 year old state-owned enterprise, headquartered in the West Coast new area of Qingdao. Shuangxing tire is a state-owned main board listed company in the tire industry of Shandong Province. On january16,2014, a new journey of "secondary entrepreneurship and tire world famous brand" was started. Through smart transformation, all old factories were closed, more than 90% of the backward production capacity was eliminated, and a full process "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant in the global tire industry was built. At the same time, it has cultivated three new industries, namely, intelligent equipment, industrial robots (including intelligent logistics) and waste rubber and plastic recycling, and built an industrial interconnection ecosystem of "R & D 4.0" + "industry 4.0" + "service 4.0", which has become the "brand cultivation", "technological innovation", "quality benchmark", "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing" and "green product" awarded by the Ministry of industry and information technology in the past five years The pilot demonstration enterprises of the whole industry chain of "service transformation" are known as "the leader of China's tire intelligent manufacturing". In 2018, Double Star Holdings once ranked among the top ten Korean Jinhu tires in the world. The double star brand has been listed among the "top 500 Asian brands" for six consecutive years. On January 16, 2020, Shuangxing started a new journey of "three startups and creating a world-class enterprise". Focusing on the three industries of rubber tires, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment, and recycling of waste rubber and plastics, Shuangxing implemented the "three intelligences and one innovation" strategy of smart ecology and smart wheel in 1035, including tires, smart equipment, and new environmental protection materials, so as to build Shuangxing into a world-class enterprise of science, technology, times, and wisdom as soon as possible

as an a+h listed bank rooted in Qingdao and serving the whole province, Bank of Qingdao has adhered to the "science and technology leading" strategy for many years, continued to strengthen science and technology empowerment, and accelerated the exploration of 5g new financial service model. Since this year, the bank has accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation. The smart bank's waste plastic particles 1 branch has been in short supply, and its business outlets have achieved full coverage of 5g signals, taking the lead in marching into the 5g era. The innovation capability of BQD in the field of science and technology and financial innovation has laid a solid foundation for the better service industrial Interconnection Strategy of BQD

as the world's largest mass customization solution platform, CAOS cosmoplat has bred 15 industrial ecosystems such as ceramics, RV and agriculture. It has established 7 centers across the country, covering 12 regions across the country, and replicated and promoted in 20 countries, providing global users with a full range of good life experiences such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, health, nutrition, medicine and education. In the future, CAOS cosmoplat will accelerate the integrated development of new generation information technology, modern service industry and manufacturing industry, promote the implementation of industrial interconnection, build a new industrial ecosystem supported by platforms, help Qingdao to become the world's industrial interconnection capital, and promote the coordinated innovation and integrated development of global high-quality industrial resources

it is reported that in June, 2020, Shuangxing Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CAOS and Qingdao University of science and technology to jointly build an industrial interconnection platform for the rubber industry. In August, Shuangxing and CAOS gave full play to the ecological attraction of leading enterprises and launched a smart tire life cycle management cloud platform (hereinafter referred to as "tire union") to create a new business type in the rubber industry against the upstream and downstream information barriers of the rubber industry. In this cooperation, Shuangxing and the subsidiary of Bank of Qingdao, Qingyin Jinzu, built an ecological system centered on "tire digitalization", "tire capitalization", "tire service" and 5g features for upstream and downstream enterprises on the CAOS platform. Shuangxing brought a brand-new experience to users by replacing the traditional sales model with the new model of "rent for sale", so as to solve the problem that upstream tire manufacturers could not reach the end consumer fleet directly, Customize high-quality products for users, provide value-added services such as tire temperature and tire pressure safety warning, feed back tire quality, durability and customer experience data for upstream factories, and accelerate product R & D and innovation iteration. This model has not only promoted the product sales of upstream enterprises, expanded the market share, but also reduced the purchasing burden of end customers and diluted the production cost. Once launched, the business model has been widely praised and warmly responded by the market. It is reported that the total amount of financing support for this business has reached 500million yuan, and the first lease payment has been issued

in this strategic cooperation, Shuangxing was assisted by the financial leasing service of the Bank of Qingdao. Through the "rent for sale" mode, it customized smart tires to factories, and used the CAOS industrial Internet platform to finely manage external leasing, so as to realize the online, digital and intelligent life cycle management of tire data, so as to promote the transformation of the industry from the traditional buying and selling mode to the "rent for sale" mode, Further solve the pain points of ecological stakeholders in the rubber industry and improve the user experience of the whole industry chain

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