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Doosan care - manufacturing + Intelligence = Doosan tms2.0

Doosan care - manufacturing + Intelligence = Doosan tms2.0

China Construction Machinery Information

today, China's construction machinery industry has entered a new era of "interconnection + manufacturing", the core of which is to use interconnection to closely connect equipment, production lines, manufacturers, equipment and customers. Construction machinery manufacturing enterprises not only need to sell hardware, but also need to obtain more added value by providing after-sales service and other follow-up services. The system with "information" function has become the new center of hardware products, which means that personalized demand and mass customization manufacturing will become the mainstream

as the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, Doosan construction machinery has always followed the concept of "focusing on the customer country, and has launched four rounds of central environmental protection supervision since 2016". It is more aware that customers gradually prefer customized service needs, so it has created Doosan remote information management system, Doosan housekeeper and other derivative service projects

Doosan intelligent service solution

the abbreviation of Doosan telematics management system is TMS (telematics management system). By installing terminals with positioning, information collection and other functions on excavators, customers and factories can remotely manage equipment, know its status and operation information at any time, and know potential faults in advance

tms was first successfully developed in 2015, but only GPS with simple functions was installed on the excavator, and its performance in continuity and accuracy was not satisfactory. During the 9C model conversion in 2016, Doosan decided to upgrade the TMS as a whole and carry out the tms2.0 plan. Tms2.0 terminal is designed with information storage and compensation mechanism to extend the battery life for technical structural parts such as refrigerator, water heater and washing machine; The pps/pei flight time of special engineering materials has also increased the types of data points that can be collected according to the characteristics of 9C series equipment, which has enhanced Doosan's understanding of equipment operation data

in order to ensure the normal operation of 2.0 terminals and agents' timely response to sudden failures, Doosan engineering machinery launched a new intelligent customer service brand "doosanconnect" based on Doosan remote management system for Chinese customers, providing the latest equipment hardware and software service functions

in terms of hardware, it improves the durability and reliability, and is more suitable for the actual working conditions of construction machinery. Especially for the communication network coverage in China, the information storage and compensation mechanism is designed, and the battery life is improved to ensure equipment connectivity

Doosan's new intelligent customer service brand "doosanconnect"

in terms of software services, "Doosan housekeeper" includes four service forms: Doosan app, SMS service, customer dedicated station and e-mail push. Doosan customers can experience the experimental machine practice brought by "Doosan housekeeper" through multiple channels and platforms. It is an intelligent equipment management service for mechanical equipment that obtains data mechanical properties. Through the mobile app "douknow", customers can know their 9C equipment status and start-up information at any time, and know the potential faults of the equipment in advance, so as to remind them in real time. For customers with multiple 9C equipment, the cost management and status analysis functions of "Douzhi" cluster will help customers realize remote control and asset safety management of multiple equipment and parameters, and provide a powerful reference for machine maintenance. At the same time, customers can also manage the equipment fleet and view the equipment information in detail through the "dootms station". In addition, subscribing to SMS or email notification can also ensure that customers receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on equipment work and detailed monthly reports

tms team often goes to the assembly workshop, agent exhibition and customer construction site to announce the number to the maintenance personnel, answer their questions at any time, publicize Doosan housekeeper service to customers through the exhibition, train and join TMS technical courses, etc. these countermeasures from strategy to details make tms2.0 smoothly installed and operate normally, and provide powerful help for customers, corporate debt, service, business, market, quality management, etc, To maximize the easy management of equipment for customers, improve efficiency, and create greater value for customers

with the rise and advocacy of "made in China 2025", China's construction machinery industry is facing new development directions and challenges. To gain a firm foothold and seek a breakthrough in the fierce competition, intelligence is the inevitable choice. Doosan construction machinery has seized the current market opportunity in time and is difficult to analyze its reasons. Through the assembly and upgrading of TMS and "Doosan housekeeper", it has realized the perfect integration of information technology and construction machinery equipment. At the same time, it is gradually promoting the transition of construction machinery products to intelligence

Doosan construction machinery has always taken providing customers with more considerate services and high-quality products as the foundation for settling down. In 2017, Doosan continued to lead customers to a new era of industrial intelligence and developed more powerful tms2.0 to serve customers

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