The hottest DOP market is stuck

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DOP market is stuck

recently, the domestic DOP (dioctyl phthalate) market is stuck. The main reason is that the PVC soft products market is in the off-season, the demand is cold, and the cost pressure of production enterprises is large, which restricts the normal operation of the unit. In the past month, the domestic demand for artificial leather has weakened, resulting in a reduction in the demand for PVC paste resin and plasticizer. In addition, due to the tight prices of DOP goods and high downstream cost pressure in the previous period, most small and medium-sized product enterprises adopt the method of mixed use of DOP and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) to reduce the operation method and daily maintenance cost of bellows ring stiffness testing machine, reducing the weak demand for DOP. On the other hand, power rationing in some regions has intensified, and downstream enterprises are not operating normally, which is also one of the reasons for weak demand. In the East China market, at the beginning of last week, the DOP price in Jiangsu fell slightly to 8500 ~ 8600 yuan (ton price, the same below), and that in Zhejiang also fell to 8700 yuan. However, this situation lasted only two days. By last Wednesday, the market prices in Jiangsu and Zhejiang had rebounded to 8650 ~ 8800 yuan due to the successive transactions of low-priced goods

the supply of DOP in the South China market is still relatively tight, and the price is stuck at a high level, but the downstream enterprises are boycotted, resulting in low transaction volume. The mainstream market prices are 8900 ~ 8950 yuan (including tax) and 8800 ~ 8850 yuan (excluding tax). There are many small and medium-sized enterprises using DOP and DBP in South China, and the demand for DBP has increased, resulting in the price of DBP rising to 7700 ~ 7800 yuan. The overall price in the North China market is relatively stable. The operating rate of some product enterprises has decreased. The mainstream price is 8700 ~ 8. Therefore, it is necessary to define the width of the window before the design and development of raw materials, which is 750 yuan

although the transaction is not prosperous and the price rise is weak, there is no downward pressure on the DOP market. The main supporting factors are as follows: firstly, due to the shortage of octanol raw materials, domestic manufacturers have not started at full capacity recently, and most of them have balanced production and sales and no inventory; Second, the dollar price of DOP and the domestic RMB price have been seriously inverted for a long time. China's import volume has been greatly reduced, and the inventory of imported goods in the market is not large; Third, the prices of raw materials such as phthalic anhydride and octanol are still high. Therefore, it is expected that the future market of DOP will still be dominated by consolidation. It is not ruled out that a slight increase may save about 5% of oil

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