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Where is the appeal of the top 500 enterprises signing up for the 2015 Yiwu Decoration Expo?

Where is the appeal of the top 500 enterprises signing up for the 2015 Yiwu Decoration Expo?

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a feast is slowly starting

two months later, Yiwu will once again become the focus of attention. This time, the label connected with it is not a familiar "small commodity" or "Trade City", but trendy words such as "made in China 2025", "Internet +", as well as exciting cool sharp products such as "robot" and "3D printer"

what makes all this possible is the 2015 China Yiwu International Equipment Expo, which will be held on November 3 this year

celebrities gathered, and top 500 enterprises signed up

since 2013, China Yiwu International Equipment Expo has been successfully held twice. Although it has only two years of growth, the industry influence of Yiwu Decoration Expo has been comparable to that of Shenyang Manufacturing Expo and Western (Xi'an) Decoration Expo, which have been undertaken for many years, and the scale and level have been continuously improved. Specifically: first of all, the number of exhibitors and buyers has increased steadily. In 2014, Yiwu Fashion Expo attracted 843 enterprises from 17 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) and Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as 12 countries and regions such as Germany and Italy. The on-site sales reached 416 million yuan, and the number of visitors to the exhibition also exceeded 40000. Secondly, the feedback of supporting activities is good, and enterprises actively participate. The previous two (Yiwu) "machine replacement" Summit Forum, "central enterprise procurement and Trade Fair", "overseas special procurement and Trade Fair", "industry leading enterprise procurement matchmaking meeting" and other eight professional activities, a total of 2108 participants from 96 groups, and 7796 professional visitors participated in various forums and Exhibition matchmaking activities

for example, at last year's Yiwu Fashion Expo, the tp80 fast robot displayed by stauber company of France can realize 200 times/minute pickup and release, and can easily meet the packaging needs of industries such as electronics, food, photovoltaic and so on; The intelligent knitting machine with 3D printing technology newly developed by Italian ronaldi company can reduce energy consumption by 20% and increase production capacity by 30%

it is conceivable that with the good foundation laid by the previous two sessions, the 2015 Yiwu Decoration Expo will be further improved. According to guokuilong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, the mechanical experimental machine, the organizer of the Yiwu Fashion Expo, is limited by structural and inertial forces According to gb6672, the thickness measurement experiment will take "intelligence, green and environmental protection" as the theme, and the key exhibition areas will be adjusted in combination with the "industry 4.0" plan of the Chinese version of "made in China 2025". He believes that manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy and the foundation of building a country, rejuvenating the country and strengthening the country. Therefore, as an important platform for manufacturing enterprises to display, Yiwu Decoration Expo will vigorously promote the breakthrough development of key areas in full combination with the "made in China 2025" plan. As an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, high-end CNC machine tools, robots, 3D printing and new energy are also the main promotion areas of this Decoration Expo

at present, the exhibition recruitment work is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. It is understood that among the world's top 500 enterprises, China Nonferrous Metals and China General Technology Group have signed up one after another, and other domestic leading enterprises have also actively expressed their willingness to participate in the exhibition. In addition, the overseas group units Taiwan Electric Power Association, Taiwan Machinery Association and other cooperative units have successfully connected with a number of industry leading enterprises, and Taiwan Youjia, fuqiangxin, Hongtai and other industry leading enterprises have clearly participated in the exhibition

why is Yiwu Fashion Fair so popular

in just two to three years, the influence brought by China Yiwu International Equipment Expo is quietly changing the image of the city, refreshing people's inherent understanding of Yiwu: originally, in Yiwu, in addition to the booming small commodity industry, large equipment manufacturing industry also occupies the same important position. During each exhibition, leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad gathered in Yiwu, where you can feel the world trend, cutting-edge changes, and have zero distance contact with advanced equipment products - Yiwu Decoration Expo has shown the world a different Yiwu from the traditional impression

then, why can the Yiwu fashion fair be favored by everyone? What unique advantages does it have

first of all, go back to the source. Yiwu's genes determine that there are rich advantages for merchants here. There are 15000 foreign businessmen resident in this "capital of small commodities" alone, and more than 10million foreign businessmen from various countries purchase every year. Welcome and send, merchants from all over the world rushed here to purchase jewelry, toys, business gifts... With the adjustment of the world economy, overseas merchants gradually began to buy processing machinery to manufacture these goods. Therefore, the advantages of foreign businessmen here are incomparable to other exhibitions. Secondly, Zhejiang has hundreds of billions of market demand. Yiwu is located in economically developed Zhejiang Province, and its surrounding equipment is in great demand. According to Zhejiang, in the next five years, 36000 Enterprises above Designated Size in Zhejiang Province will complete a round of technological transformation and upgrading projects. Each year, there will be about 500billion yuan of investment in modern technological transformation, 300billion yuan of thermal conductivity, and 70billion yuan of procurement of "machine replacement" equipment and 70billion yuan of procurement of electronic products and software. These local needs will undoubtedly be business opportunities for participating enterprises. Thirdly, sitting on an international port that can provide one-stop services, the logistics advantages are prominent. As early as 2005, Yiwu exported more than 250000 standard containers of small commodities, far exceeding the design requirements of the original Yiwu International Logistics Center to handle 100000 standard containers a year. To this end, Yiwu City decided to build a fully functional Yiwu port. Yiwu port was completed in two phases. The first phase of the project was put into use in October 2011. At present, the settled enterprises include shipping companies, international freight forwarders, foreign trade, logistics, customs declaration, inspection and so on. The main function of Yiwu Port Phase II is the two independent supervision areas of customs and national inspection. It was fully put into use in November 2013, providing a one-stop service integrating customs declaration, inspection application and export goods supervision. For the exhibition, with such a complete international port, it is much more convenient for domestic and foreign exhibitors to transport their exhibits and later purchase and transport

in addition, the advantages of the chamber of Commerce owned by its organizer should not be ignored. As the largest Chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical products in China, the chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical products has more than 10000 member enterprises, and its huge database support is beyond the reach of other exhibition companies. The chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics can provide each exhibitor with a series of value-added services, such as legal aid, trade matching, overseas exhibition recommendation, etc., so that enterprises can get long-term services by participating in an exhibition

as Guo kuilong, Deputy Secretary General of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics, said, it is urgent to build a manufacturing industry with international competitiveness, and the main purpose of China Yiwu International Equipment Expo is to extend the gauge or strain gauge to display the elongation of standardized tensile samples, display and promote advanced equipment at home and abroad, introduce domestic and foreign modern equipment enterprises, projects, R & D institutions and teams, and build a domestic first-class equipment manufacturing exhibition and trade platform, To provide services for the implementation of "made in China 2025" and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

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