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Tuopu measurement and control released new product EPC

Tuopu measurement and control data acquisition new product epc-20612 is a 2-channel high-speed parallel data acquisition card based on pc/104 total nose sensitive line. It adopts 12bit high-precision a/d, and the maximum sampling rate of each channel can reach 20msps at the same time, which can realize the real-time recording of multi-channel high-speed dynamic signals. Fully compatible with 8/16 bit PC104 bus interface standard, it is suitable for establishing an economical and practical dynamic signal recording and analysis system. Once the data acquisition card was launched, it was immediately favored by scientific research institutions and military enterprises with strong requirements for the accuracy and reliability of the data acquisition system, and received high praise

the completed experimental data and results can be quickly found according to different conditions. The epc-20612 data acquisition card has the following performance characteristics:

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