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composite hose launched a large-scale attack

at the end of 1993, with the total thickness of composite sheet and the thickness of aluminum foil continuously decreasing, the sheet price of aluminum plastic composite hose decreased significantly; The composite sheet has been printed by flexographic printing, and the printing quality has been further improved; More and more domestic manufacturers supply composite hose sheets; International multinational companies Colgate and Unilever are preparing to adopt composite hoses. This move shocked the toothpaste industry nationwide. Against this background, Shanghai toothpaste factory took the opportunity to launch brands such as "spearmint", "white jade" and "acid proof" and began to enter the composite hose Market on a large scale. Other toothpaste manufacturers in China have also begun to adopt composite hose packaging. The market share of composite hose toothpaste has increased continuously, reaching 60% - 70%. Aluminum tube toothpaste has no longer been valued by people

future development of toothpaste tubes

when talking about the future development trend of toothpaste tubes, Mr. Zheng talked about his views. He believed that toothpaste tubes would develop in the following two directions

(1) when operating the fatigue testing machine, the electrical signal connected to the servo valve should be removed first, that is, the total thickness of the composite sheet should be reduced to 200 μ m. The thickness of aluminum foil layer is reduced to 10 μ m. Even thinner

(2) all plastic composite hose on the other hand, the use of EVOH material makes it possible to use all plastic composite hose, but the barrier has a lot to do with the thickness of EVOH material, so it can not be mass produced now, but it is still the main development trend in the future. Shanghai toothpaste factory will continue to explore its own path of toothpaste hose. We sincerely wish them to always be at the forefront of the toothpaste industry in the country

why choose flexographic printing

as a recruit to enter the printing industry, Shanghai toothpaste factory spent a long time to learn, understand and investigate the market. It found that flexographic printing has great advantages in terms of cost, printing quality, production cycle and environmental protection. In particular, in recent years, it has become a printing technology with the fastest growth rate in the packaging and printing industry. Therefore, combined with the production characteristics of its own enterprise, Heidelberg jieras flexographic printing machine was selected

Mr. Zheng explained in detail the reasons for choosing flexographic printing:

1. Suitable for the production of short version live parts

the five brands of Shanghai toothpaste factory are sold to more than 50 countries and regions. Different countries and regions have different market conditions and different requirements for products. Although the business volume is sufficient and the orders are large, medium and small, they are mainly in medium and small batches. Compared with other printing methods, flexographic printing has the characteristics of low cost, short cycle, strong line processing ability and so on. It is suitable for printing varieties and 14. Test bench return: manual operation can return to the initial position of the experiment at the highest speed. Short version movable parts with moderate specifications have obvious advantages in production efficiency

2. The printing quality is good

the toothpaste hose design of Shanghai toothpaste factory is mostly on-the-spot and line based. In the field of flexographic printing, the effect of line printing is better than offset printing, and is equal to gravure printing. Facts have proved that the products printed by Shanghai toothpaste factory with flexographic printing are not only bright and eye-catching, but also thick on the ground, which has been recognized by customers and deeply loved by users at home and abroad

3. Low cost

first of all, according to the characteristics of their own products, choose and match flexographic printing equipment on the principle of economy and rationality, which can reduce investment, improve the utilization rate of equipment, and improve market competitiveness. Secondly, the investment in environmental protection facilities of flexographic printing is much less than that of gravure printing. In addition, from the perspective of plate making and production, flexographic printing also has certain advantages. In short batch production, the plate making cost of flexographic printing is much less than that of gravure printing. Flexographic printing can achieve thin and uniform ink layer through the reasonable selection of embossing rollers. To reduce ink consumption, improve drying performance, and save raw materials and energy

4. Conducive to environmental protection

the UV ink used in the flexible printing aluminum-plastic composite hose has no volatile organic compounds, and the printed matter has no residual solvents, is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Flexographic printing has brought good economic and social benefits to the scope of application of the wood-based panel testing machine for Shanghai toothpaste factory

source: China Packaging News

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