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Toolbox, an intelligent standard part library fully integrated with Solidworks

toolbox 3D part library is a 3D standard part library fully integrated with 3D CAD Software Solidworks

toolbox makes full use of the intelligent part technology (unique automatic assembly technology) of SolidWorks to develop application software

toolbox is a simple and daily software. With tool (3), gear opening is the key process box. You don't need to look through the parts catalogue to find the size and specification of standard parts, and don't need to worry about the coordination of standard parts. Among them, the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is a professional instrument often used for QS certification of food packaging, without assembling one gasket, one bolt, and one nut at a time. With toolbox, you can immediately check all the standard parts libraries, a virtual "mechanical design manual", and you can select the correct standard parts in a very short time and put them in the right place

you don't need to regenerate standard parts

you don't need to generate standard parts to meet the needs of your model. All the needs are on your desktop. If you need to insert a screw? Just specify the hole size and thread specification and click it. The screw will appear in the browser of the toolbox. You just need to drag it into your model on the production material. Toolbox allows you to define standard parts parametrically during operation. If you need to add a bearing to the assembly, you just need to select the circular edge and select "generate", and the toolbox will immediately generate the bearing in the assembly and automatically define the coincidence relationship between the coaxial and the surface

smart part technology makes it easier to assemble standard parts.

when you need screws, gaskets and nuts to complete the assembly, you only need to specify the size of the hole, and toolbox can help you complete the rest of the work. Put the correct screws, gaskets and nuts in the correct position within a few seconds. It's the same when installing one or a hundred places, just a little. SolidWorks' intelligent parts technology automatically selects the appropriate fasteners and assembles them in the correct order

power transmission

cam design becomes very easy. A clear dialog box pops up immediately, allowing you to design the most complex cam in a very short time. You simply specify the type of follower, motion track and cam style, and all you do is click with the mouse. The power transmission device includes chain and belt transmission

engineering standardization

toolbox can simply check whether your model conforms to the industrial standard or the enterprise standard. Through the standard wizard, you can reconfigure the toolbox, including its commands

100% integration with Solidworks

toolbox is easy to learn and use. At present, it can be adjusted at will and can be learned in an hour

industrial standards

ansi, BSI, DIN, ISO, JIS, Custom enterprise standard

standard part type


bearing service life calculation

bolt and screw

tension spring

common fixture




PEM plug-in


structure type

aluminum section

steel section

calculation of beam



chain drive

belt drive

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