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Top plastic attaches importance to the development of TPE in the medical and automotive fields

Dongguan top plastic is committed to the R & D, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomer materials, which are widely used in electronic appliances, household goods, toys, an 8-story residential building, tools, medical supplies, automobiles and other fields. Wang Fang, deputy manager of the company's R & D department, said that compared with traditional PVC, these products do not contain halogen and heavy metals, and do no harm to human body and the environment

Wang Fang pointed out that the company's products are mainly aimed at the high-end market. At the same time, the company always requires its own products according to the standards of a medical company, strengthening the quality control of raw materials to ensure product quality. Wang Fang stressed that innovation is the foundation of an enterprise's progress. Every year, the company will take out about 6% of its sales revenue. There are strict regulations on the types, quantities and tolerances of environmental factors for the construction of scientific research talent team and the improvement of hardware conditions. At present, it has achieved good results in patents. Talking about the future development of thermoplastic elastomer market, Wang Fang said that TPE will have bright prospects in the medical field and automotive industry

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