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The top glass of Tianjin New West Railway Station made an all-round sprint to meet the joint commissioning and joint test

the power transmission of the Beijing South Dezhou east section of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway began on March 16. The power supply of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway means that it officially enters the joint commissioning and joint test period. It is preliminarily expected to start commissioning around April 1. As one of the five departure stations of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Tianjin west railway station has made an all-round sprint to meet the joint commissioning and joint test. Tens of thousands of construction personnel in and outside the station building, track, signal and other departments are busy in an orderly manner. Yesterday (March 22), it took nearly two hours to conduct a comprehensive "scan" in Tianjin west railway station

appearance of the main station room: the curtain wall is formed at the end of the month, and the top glass is on the stage.

although the vertical and horizontal supports of various types of steel pipes have not been removed, and the scene of various operations crossing is dizzying, the functional layout inside and outside the station room has become clearer and clearer. As the most eye-catching glass curtain wall construction of the main station building, it has basically taken shape at present. Engineer Yin, the person in charge of curtain wall construction, told: "at present, 90% of each piece of glass weighing 600 Jin has been completed, and 60% of the small pieces have been completed. All the glasses will be installed by the end of this month, and the installation of smart storm led by waterproof gutter will be completed by the end of April."

in addition to the special glass roof of Tianjin west railway station, there are also half round "Gables" on the upper part of the South and North elevations of the station building. From the perspective of the effect drawing, it is the part known as "rising sun". The glass used in this part is professionally called "super white glass", which is the most high-end variety of glass products. It has high light transmittance and high transparency, and is known as the "crystal Prince" of the glass family. Ultra white glass is also partially used in Beijing National Grand Theater, Shanghai Opera House, Chinese History Museum, etc. The construction personnel said, "a total of 820 pieces of ultra white glass need to be installed on the north and south sides. At present, the aluminum keel has been installed, and we are ready for large-area paving."

inside the main station building: the information board is fully covered, and tickets can be bought upstairs and downstairs. In the face of the in-depth and complex changes in the world, the decoration of the main station building of Tianjin west railway station is currently in full swing, including the basement, ground floor, elevated floor and four auxiliary buildings, which have been made model sections respectively. According to the order from top to bottom, we first look at the elevated waiting hall. In addition to the roof system, the model section of the elevated floor is located in the northeast corner of the hall, where the wall has been paved with white hemp stones. "At present, the installation of wall stones of the entire elevated floor has been completed by 50%, and the installation of air conditioning, fire protection, fresh air system and lighting facilities has been completed." The main body of the entrance gate distributed on both sides of the hall has been installed, and the glass curtain wall has been installed at the gate gate of the sample section. It is found that some places on the ground floor have installed information boards for indicating and releasing information. It is understood that such information boards are distributed in all corners of the station building, with different specifications, so that passengers can know the timely information about train operation anytime and anywhere

the lowest floor is the underground floor, and its main function in the future is to leave the station. One fifth of the walls here have been installed with dark blue decorative aluminum plates, and the laying of ground stones is the same as that of the elevated layer, which is matte light colored stones. At present, nearly one fifth has been completed

there are four auxiliary buildings at the four corners of Tianjin west railway station, and the interior and exterior decoration is also under way. The functions of the four auxiliary buildings will be used for ticket sales, VIP rooms, public rooms and commercial reservations. It is learned that there are ticket offices on the platform floor, elevated floor and auxiliary building inside Tianjin west railway station. Passengers can choose the nearest ticket office to buy tickets no matter which direction they enter the station from

off site: the main body of the canopy forming approach viaduct is completed

in order to meet the joint commissioning and joint test in April, the application of the spring testing machine in the west railway station is introduced. The internal construction of the request room is the same day by day, and the external construction is also "tightening the time". Walking out of the station building, you can look up and see the pillarless canopy above your head. It is understood that the main body of the canopy at the East and West ends of the station building has been completed, and the ongoing laying of the upper aluminum plate has been completed by 70%. With the cover of these aluminum plates, passengers are not afraid of rain when they get on the bus. Near the entrance to the station on the side of the pillarless canopy, the main body of a circular viaduct has been completed, which is the viaduct for passengers. According to the staff, "the delivery vehicles will reach the elevated floor through this bridge, and the passengers will get off the bridge and directly enter the waiting hall. Similar to the entry mode adopted by Tianjin airport now, the circular entry and exit mode can effectively relieve the pressure of passenger flow."

in the distance, you can also see the contact pillars erected on both sides of the track, which will provide energy and power for the motor car

commissioning: start joint commissioning and joint test around April 1

according to the introduction, at present, the track fine adjustment of the Tianjin section of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has been basically completed. The track fine adjustment is to use the track detection trolley to continuously launch new technologies and new products that conform to the development trend of automotive materials, so as to make the high-speed railway train stable and comfortable during operation. According to the plan, the railway department will start the joint commissioning and test before and after April 1, focusing on the detection of track and power supply in the initial stage. The whole commissioning will last until the middle and late May, and the full line trial operation is expected to be carried out from May 20 to June 20

after the commissioning, the contact voltage of the Beijing South Dezhou east section of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway will reach 27500 volts. To this end, the Tianjin headquarters of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway construction headquarters of the Ministry of Railways specially issued an announcement to remind people along the way to pay attention to safety and not to fly kites and balloons within 300 meters on both sides of the railway

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