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Top industrial automation suppliers launch new products of embedded wireless sensor network technology

dust networks, a leading supplier of standards based wireless sensor network products, has announced that its WirelessHART sensor network technology has been used in a variety of new products launched by leading industrial manufacturers at interkama (the world's largest industrial automation Expo) today

elpro technologies, Emerson, endress+hauser, we have all seen costron's pursuit of innovation and its seriousness and dedication to details. Pepper + Fuchs and mactek will display various field devices based on dust networks technology to meet the increasing needs of the industrial market: minimize installation costs, and expand the scope of field devices to monitoring devices that were previously inaccessible to wired sensors. All five companies use the wireless Hart smartmesh ia-510 of dust networks? Wireless sensor network technology, in order to combine the reliability of wired with the cost advantage of wireless operation. These interoperable devices can be seamlessly integrated into existing Hart factory environments

in today's challenging economic environment, as enterprises expect to reduce costs, significantly reducing deployment costs has become a major driving factor for the rapidly growing wireless sensor industry. The benefits of wireless go far beyond saving initial security and making performance more stable The range of loading costs can provide greater transparency of key operations, practical enterprise cost-effectiveness (including increasing the productivity of steel plants and improving the product quality of bulk chemical processing plants), and higher operator safety

harry court, engineering director of ELPRO Technologies Department of MTL instrument group under Cooper crouse hinds Inc, said, "despite the economic downturn, we regard wireless as a technology that will promote new growth opportunities. Now that we have wireless solutions based on WirelessHART standards (such as dust networks smartmesh ia-510) , we have a process optimization, asset management and preventive maintenance solution platform that provides wireless technology to improve the overall efficiency of the processing plant and significantly reduce installation costs. "

since the first introduction of the WirelessHART based smart wireless product line in September 2008, Emerson has continued to expand its supply of smartwireless products. Bob karschnia, the vice president of Emerson Process Management in charge of wireless business, belongs to equipment accessories category 1. He said, "we are glad to see so many companies launch new products based on WirelessHART. Dust networks provides technology to suppliers around the world to easily and quickly bring new WirelessHART products to market. We appreciate this."

Andreas Rampa, product manager of the wireless Department of endress+hauser, said, "the introduction of a WirelessHART based solution will enable customers to access important process and diagnostic information from their Hart devices. Dust networks' self-organizing wireless network technology and its knowledge and support are very helpful to our development and have become an important supporting factor in this market."

Pepperl+Fuchs, Gerrit Lohmann, product manager of the product group interface Department of Inc., said: "Previously, due to the lack of standards and integrated solutions, industrial wireless communication was not widely accepted in the field of process automation applications. However, the WirelessHART standard is making industrial wireless communication better. We are glad that dust n did not participate in the recent work of the MIT team, and networks provided technology to promote this progress."

steve toteda, vice president of marketing at dust networks, said, "we are proud that smartmesh ia-510 has been selected as the preferred WSN technology for industry leaders in this market. It's really exciting to witness the profound business impact of networked by dust? Wirelesschart products."

about dust networks

dust networks is a leader in standards based intelligent wireless sensor networks (WSN), providing OEMs in many markets with ultra-low power consumption and high reliability embedded systems. Dust networks helps OEMs provide monitoring and control solutions that provide unprecedented access to information from the physical world, thereby improving operations, obtaining a safer work environment, and improving competitive advantage. Dust networks has partnered with industry and standards organizations such as the HART communication foundation to ensure widespread adoption of interoperable wireless sensor network products. For more information, please visit

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