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Weichai has entered the club with an annual revenue of 200billion yuan. Tan Xuguang vowed to build an international strong enterprise

Weichai has entered the club with an annual revenue of 200billion yuan. Tan Xuguang vowed to build an international strong enterprise

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approaching the end of the year. When reviewing the major events in China's industry in 2017, people in the industry noticed that another industrial enterprise - Weichai group has entered the club with an annual revenue of 200billion yuan

on the morning of December 18, at the press conference of Weichai group's revenue exceeding 200billion and 2020-2030 strategy held in Jinan, Tan Xuguang, who is also the chairman of Shandong heavy industry, Shandong Jiaogong and Weichai, announced that Weichai group's revenue had exceeded 200billion yuan in 2017, and the total profit exceeded 10billion yuan! Tan Xuguang said excitedly that Weichai group has become a market-oriented, high-end, international and diversified enterprise group whose business covers six sectors: powertrain, automotive business, engineering machinery, intelligent logistics, luxury yachts and financial services

domestic and international markets work together to transform and expand new and old kinetic energy rapidly

as the main supporting product of Weichai engine - heavy commercial vehicle, after several years of downturn, the market has shown a rapid recovery growth since October 2016. The gb1589 document issued by the transportation management department strictly restricts overloaded vehicles and wins market space for truly powerful enterprises

since last October, Weichai engine has been in short supply. In the face of the sudden surge in production capacity, Weichai has been able to cope calmly, which stems from Weichai's continuous improvement of manufacturing capacity and adjustment of industrial structure in the past 10 years

as early as June 2010, Weichai Group officially released the strategic goal of "building a 100 billion level green power R & D and manufacturing base". Based on a large number of market research, Weichai concluded that the next year will be a rare period of strategic development opportunities, and the market demand will continue to grow. The demand for doubling the production capacity of high-power engines in October 2016 has verified that Weichai has an accurate grasp of the market law

in the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of Weichai, the more disruptive structural adjustment of Weichai is the re layout and reconstruction of the whole industrial chain, realizing the "two wheel drive of product management and capital management"

in 2005, Weichai acquired and restructured Hunan torch, holding core businesses such as Shaanxi heavy truck, fast, hande axle, etc. From a single engine manufacturer, Weichai Power has become an automotive industry group integrating the businesses of complete vehicles, engines, gearboxes, axles, auto parts, etc., and has created a golden industrial chain in the field of commercial vehicles

from 2005 to now, Weichai has provided a total of 5.87 million engines for the heavy-duty automobile industry, heavy-duty variable electronic universal tension machine, which can be used to stretch, shrink, zigzag, tear, shear, 180 degree peel, 90 degree peel test speed boxes of 6.7 million, and 3.54 million heavy-duty axles; Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck under Weichai has sold 879000 vehicles since 2005

what is particularly commendable is that after the overseas base of Weichai achieved full profits in 2016, the production capacity and market continued to expand in 2017, forming the scale effect of Weichai brand with the domestic market

in 2009, Weichai acquired boduan, a century old French engine brand. In January 2012, Weichai restructured Italian Faraday company; In September of the same year, it signed a strategic cooperation with German Kaiao group, and added water to purchase Linde hydraulic. In March 2017, Weichai acquired psi, the world's leading supplier of alternative fuel power systems; In September, Weichai group and Belarus Mazz group established Weichai Mazz joint venture

in the transformation of new and old drivers, Weichai's operating income from mergers and acquisitions of foreign capital and the operation of overseas bases, and its proportion in Weichai's system, are increasing year by year. In 2016, Weichai's overseas revenue accounted for more than 40%. At present, Weichai group's products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and the "the Belt and Road" related exports account for more than 90% of the group's total exports

manufacturers become technological innovation companies. Traditional power and new energy work together

in 2017, in addition to capacity supply, it is still the product factors that determine Weichai's market leader. Weichai's technological innovation platform has undergone major changes: the addition of new energy products marks that Weichai, a traditional power supplier with a history of 70 years, has also taken the fast train of the new energy era

at the two major industry exhibitions held by Weichai in April and August 2017, the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2017 and China (Beijing) international internal combustion engine and parts exhibition 2017, Weichai brought its brand-new platform diesel engine and clean gas engine that meet the national six emission standards, as well as new energy products represented by we series plug-in hybrid power system assembly and pure electric power system

in 2017, Weichai's new product matrix surprised the industry, showing Weichai's strategic consideration of technological innovation in the synchronization of clean energy power and new energy power. From a traditional fuel engine manufacturer to an innovator of new energy technology, where does Weichai come from? The consensus of people inside and outside the industry is that Weichai, with 70 years of traditional manufacturing history, has transformed from a product manufacturer to a technology developer in the industrial 4.0 era, and is able to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the ongoing industrial revolution

in the past 10 years, Weichai has invested more than 15 billion yuan in R & D, accounting for more than 5% of R & D each year, reaching the level of international leading enterprises. Weichai has built an independent innovation system with orderly operation of four centers: R & D, testing, trial production and manufacturing. It has built the industry's only National Key Laboratory for internal combustion engine reliability, national enterprise technology center, and national commercial vehicle powertrain Engineering Technology Research Center, with world R & D strength

For more than 10 years, Weichai has successively launched the first domestic high-speed and high-power blue engine engine with completely independent intellectual property rights, the first set of independent ECU electronic control system, etc. Weichai presided over and participated in the formulation of 65 national and industrial standards, with a total of 2056 authorized patents, including 322 invention patents; The project "key technology and industrialization of heavy-duty high-speed diesel engine" won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

as early as 2013, Weichai became the first enterprise in China to pass the European VI certification. In 2017, Weichai fully released national six products from light-duty machines to heavy-duty machines, all of which met the national six emission standards

as an innovative enterprise focusing on the research and development of power industry chain, Weichai has a clear understanding and pragmatic planning for the development path of clean energy and new energy technology. In September 2017, Weichai (Weifang) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which shows that Weichai has laid a good foundation in the process of new energy industrialization

accelerate industrial transformation and start a new rising cycle

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed that we should accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy; We should support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries

for Weichai, the development speed in the past 10 years is amazing: in 2004, Weichai Power was listed in Hong Kong, and its operating revenue exceeded 10billion yuan for the first time that year; In 2011, Weichai successfully crossed the income threshold of 100 billion yuan; In 2017, the sales revenue exceeded 200billion yuan. As the leader of China's equipment manufacturing industry, how will Weichai go next

Tan Xuguang pointed out that Weichai Power has achieved a magnificent turn in strategic transformation and structural adjustment. 2017 is the first year of global business integration harvest, and also the first year of starting a new round of rising cycle to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading

after thinking about the overall future development framework of Weichai group, Tan Xuguang officially announced the Weichai strategy to the media at the press conference on December 18. Its main contents include: "one goal": revenue of US $100billion; "Two stages": "from surpassing to leading" - that is, Weichai's traditional business will surpass the world level by 2020, and Weichai's new energy business will lead the development of the global industry by 2030. Build a respected international strong enterprise and become a world top 500 company with continuously improved competitiveness

in order to realize the strategy, Weichai launched nine measures, including building an overall solution for intelligent logistics, building a hydraulic power assembly system, accelerating the breakthrough of the core technologies of hydrogen fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell and solid lithium battery, achieving industry-leading intelligent driving technology of heavy-duty vehicles, and taking the lead in building a digital chemical plant in Weifang, Shandong Province

moving towards high-end, spanning a century and participating in global competition has been the goal of Weichai Power. Undoubtedly, for Weichai, which has achieved an operating revenue of 200billion yuan, it has shown the experimental power of computers to build a power aircraft carrier that can withstand the impact of huge waves in Chinese industry. Its global layout is affecting the future development trend of the world's equipment manufacturing industry

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