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Weibo opened the milestone of intelligent production and inspection

after unremitting efforts a while ago, the intelligent sensor centralized monitoring and calibration system finally officially put into operation the relative error of torque and angle measurement. The use of this system has helped solve the supply cycle of some railway products. The system is designed by the process team of the sensing technology department. At the beginning of the design, master Xiao, the main person in charge of the project, came to the production site for many times to communicate and understand the needs of relevant personnel, which laid the foundation for the successful design of the system. Now, after many commissioning tests, the system can undertake the inspection tasks of railway products such as td303 and td305 (the production calibration and aging functions will be opened later)

the introduction of this system gives people a refreshing feeling. A cabinet machine, including the operation platform, signal source and power supply equipment. The operation interface looks beautiful, mostly with an error of 0.01. 200kn and 5kn are very different from each other, and the hierarchy is clear. The menu operations are also concise and readable. At the same time, voice prompts are added in the process of system operation, which is more humanized. At present, the system can inspect 80 products at one time. The time of inspection process is more effective than manual single inspection. At the same time, the inspection data can be completely recorded and saved in the company's server for subsequent use and statistical analysis, which is more powerful. The use of this system has laid a foundation for the further improvement of the production and inspection efficiency of some railway products, which can be said to have opened a new milestone in the company's product production and inspection system

we have every reason to believe that waste plastic particle treatment will become the future demand growth, which will be reflected in the days after the development of BDO market, there will be more sensor monitoring and calibration systems in front of us, which will provide strong support for reducing the work intensity of front-line production workers, further improving the supply efficiency of products, and bring strong impetus to the sustainable development of the company

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