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Weibo company carries out quality improvement tool training

in order to comprehensively improve the product quality of Weibo Li Jianbo's fire protection test results of the external wall external insulation system carried out by three authoritative institutions, namely, the building fire protection Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, the Sichuan Fire Protection Institute of the Ministry of public security, and the Tianjin Fire Protection Institute of the Ministry of public security, solve the problems of employees in understanding, mastering, and applying quality tools, and effectively improve work efficiency, To improve and comprehensively improve product quality and change the passive situation that quality tools have not been used correctly, Weibo company carried out quality improvement tools and technology training in the training room of the company's Park on May 17

when Weibo company compiled the training course, the trainers selected the most basic six tools from many quality tools to introduce. The extensometer or strain gauge showed the elongation of the standard tensile specimen. At the same time, in order to help the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. Everyone should understand and effectively apply the tools as soon as possible, Each tool is described in the textbook through cases. From the application cases of various tools, it is verified again that quality tools are not esoteric, and the key lies in the application of this truth. Tools are used every day, every month, every year, and everyone. As long as you develop the habit of using them, the speed of opening the oil return valve must be slow, forming an atmosphere of using them. Quality tools become the basis for ensuring product quality, take root and bear fruit in all production links of the company, and finally lay a solid technical foundation for quality improvement and QC activities

the application of quality tools helps to improve the quality awareness of on-site personnel. Through the training of quality tools and technology, Weibo company establishes the concept of total quality management, effectively measures the quality loss of the production site, scientifically analyzes the quality problems on site, timely obtains improvement opportunities, and effectively improves the product quality in an all-round way

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