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Weibo electronics successfully developed the first high-quality Hall current sensor that meets the airborne radiation sensitivity in China heating furnace 1) adopting the split heating furnace

the high-quality Hall current sensor developed by Weibo electronics is mainly used to test the power of the airborne standby power supply. The electromagnetic radiation inside the aircraft standby power supply system is optimized from the aspects of product design, mold design, molding equipment and molding process. 2. Their precise attributes are obtained through testing. The radiation environment is extremely complex. As a DC current sensor for monitoring the power of the standby power supply, it is required to refer to the requirements of the national military standard in the early design stage

when the high-quality series products pass the third-party test, they not only meet the radiation interference requirements of the national military standard, but also can customize higher designs according to customer requirements

the successful research and development of high-quality Hall current sensor marks that the special Hall current sensor developed and produced by Weibo can be safely applied in a variety of harsh environments such as airborne, providing reliable and stable electrical parameter monitoring for airborne informatization

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