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Weichai "3+1" gold powertrain integration and optimization to improve the quality of Yaxing

Weichai "3+1" gold powertrain integration and optimization to improve the quality of Yaxing

2015 is an extraordinary year for China's aluminum processing industry. T China Construction machinery information

in the passenger car industry, whether it is urban passenger cars or road passenger cars, Weichai engine, fast transmission and hande axle are not in a minority, However, Yaxing's advantage is to realize the integration and optimization of the three major assemblies and the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises based on domestic manufacturing equipment with the help of Weichai group

"Weichai Power 3+1" refers to Weichai high-performance engine + fast high-performance gearbox + hande high-performance axle + Yaxing full load-bearing body

this is not a simple combination, but a professional powertrain matching calculation software is used to solidify the powertrain application matching process, that is, matching calculation - market verification - road spectrum analysis - Calculation - Verification - determine the typical configuration, so as to make the engine adapt and optimize the economy and power of the whole vehicle. Powertrain technology has greatly improved the innovation ability of products. Through rigorous and scientific test and verification, it is more economical, more reliable and more comfortable

"Weichai Power 3+1" strategy is being integrated into all aspects of the R & D and design of new packaged passenger car products of Yaxing shampoo and detergent. From the initial stage of product design, we carried out collaborative design with Weichai. After repeated analysis and verification, through the specific optimization and adjustment of Weichai Shanghai R & D center, we finally formed a mature and reliable configuration

Weichai's deep attainments in high-power engines and its dedicated research and development of new energy products and supporting systems, the proud market share of fast gear in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles of more than 80%, the strong technical advantages of hande maintenance free axle, as well as Yaxing bus's load-bearing body and chassis technology that absorbs the essence of domestic and foreign bus production and manufacturing, new bus production lines, automated and mechanized production equipment, It has laid a solid foundation for Weichai "3+1" golden powertrain technology

the average fuel consumption of four ybl6148 one and a half storey luxury passenger cars operating in the urban area of Shanghai is 25.3 liters per hundred kilometers when they are almost full, while the average fuel consumption of vehicles on the same line of other brands is more than 30 liters, easily achieving a fuel saving rate of more than 16%

a company in Shenzhen is equipped with a 12 meter Yaxing King Kong one-and-a-half-story bus with Weichai "3+1" gold powertrain. Hainan will vigorously build a comprehensive shipping experimental area and regional economic cooperation demonstration area for Southeast Asia. With the same kind of vehicles of other brands, under the same operating conditions, the average fuel consumption of 100 kilometers will be saved by more than 2 liters

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