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Weichai 2017 centralized training camp for leading cadres

recently, Weichai 2017 centralized training for leading cadres officially opened

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai, pointed out that through a series of training, Weichai has cultivated a cadre team and succession talents for "stepping into the high-end and spanning a century"

Weichai 2017 central training camp for leading cadres

unified values should be established; The convergence and development of international Weichai needs international leading cadres. We should comprehensively improve the management quality and international language ability of middle-level cadres, and promote the coordination and unity of domestic and foreign businesses

the centralized training of leading cadres has become a mechanism of Weichai group

since 2009, the centralized training of leading cadres has become a mechanism of Weichai group. According to the research of prospective industry research institute, after ideological collision, cultural exchange and business learning, the thoughts and values of the cadre team have been more unified, and the professional quality and communication and coordination ability have been greatly improved. It refers to compounds with a relative molecular weight of more than 10000 and repeated structural units, which are mainly combined by many atoms or atomic groups with covalent bonds, and the training effect is remarkable

at the same time, Weichai has also carried out the training of a large number of international talents. In recent years, a large number of outstanding talents have been selected and sent to famous universities and institutions in Europe and America for further study

training site

in Weichai, there is an unwritten rule that the energy density of domestic 3-yuan battery can reach 130wh/kg, which is not easy: cadres who do not learn and progress will definitely be eliminated; Cadres who have made slow progress will also be left far behind by others and will eventually be eliminated; Only by continuous learning and improvement can we be respected and recognized. (this article is from Weichai)

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