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Weibo passed the re evaluation of the integration of the three systems

on October 16, three audit teachers from the world standard certification center came to Weibo to re evaluate the integration of the quality, environment and occupational health management system. All audit teachers fully communicated with relevant personnel on the requirements of the product line standard of low VOC polyurethane varnish technology, and the audit passed smoothly

this audit believes that leaders and employees have strong awareness of quality, environment and occupational health and safety, infrastructure and working environment basically meet production requirements, training management is good, human resources are sufficient, personnel, especially thin-walled plastic parts and small gate plastic parts, have strong product design and development ability, product realization planning and production process control are good, The physical quality of the products is better than that of some recycling industry officials in China, which also explained that the procurement control, verification of purchased products and ex factory product inspection, control of nonconforming products, data analysis and other process control are better, and they have a certain degree of market competitiveness. The customer feedback and feedback are better, and no environmental pollution accidents, occupational health and safety and quality accidents have been found, Any link from testing to utilization must be completed with high quality in order to maximize the performance of materials. The environmental and occupational health and safety management system basically meets the requirements of corresponding standards, and the operation is basically effective

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