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Weichai business conference 2015 truck power all new debut

Weichai business conference 2015 truck power all new debut

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on January 13, Weichai truck power dealers and end customer representatives from all over the country jointly witnessed the appearance of 2015 truck power based on Weichai smart power platform at Weichai Information Technology Museum. The new products released this time are Weichai Lanqing power generation IV and "Xinli" generation III. The upgrading of the platform and technological innovation have continued the pace of the launch of Weichai WP13, and sounded the horn of Weichai truck power to create a brilliant future

based on the wos operation system, the Weichai smart power platform, which is composed of the global R & D community, the preferred global supply chain system and the full life cycle membership exclusive service system after being exposed to a large number of entrepreneurial projects, launched the first iconic heavy truck power product WP13 a week ago, taking control of the commanding height of the high-power heavy truck engine. A week later, Weichai once again launched economy, power, reliability 2015 new truck power products with excellent intelligence and safety can meet the differentiated needs of the market and create greater value for customers

among them, the most eye-catching blue engine generation IV wp12ng flagship engine, based on the WP12 diesel engine body, has developed the special performance of gas engine for key parts such as cylinder head, piston, valve, etc., equipped with a new generation of electronic control system, which has the advantages of strong power, low gas consumption, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and so on

the WP10 four valve diesel engine of generation IV of Lanqing is an upgraded version of WP10 diesel engine. The cylinder head is upgraded to a four valve structure, and the intake and exhaust system and the front gear train are redesigned, maintaining the high versatility of WP10 diesel engine parts and convenient maintenance. At present, this model has been applied in batch in domestic mainstream heavy truck factories, and its reliability, economy and comfort are the best in the field of 10L engine

And try film, sole and other materials

the newly launched "Xinli" generation III has also received full praise. WP7 series super version is the first choice for lightweight heavy truck models after learning from European design concepts and completing the improvement of many technologies such as reducing self weight and rotor oil pump. It has obvious economic advantages in Wharf traction, lightweight dump, logistics, truck loading, and local government pressure Shandong University field; "Xinli" wp4 series and WP6 series, with low speed and large torque, are the new benchmark of power and fuel economy of China truck

Weichai dealers unveiled 2015 new truck power products. More than 400 dealers and end customers from all over the country witnessed this moment

5. Record experimental data Weichai Power intelligent platform to define productivity again

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